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Major Module VI - Business Projects

Business Project "Brandstorm" in cooperation with L‘Oréal


Seminar (14266.0101)

          Instructor: Michael Schulz

          Date: April 13th, 2018
          Time: 10.00a.m. - 1.00p.m.
          Room: 327 (WiSo-Building)

          Date: June, 7th, 2018
          Time: 10.00a.m. - 5.10p.m.
          Room: L'Oréal in Düsseldorf (exact adress will be given in time)

         Written report (20 pages):
         Date: August 2nd, 2018, 10.00a.m. sharply

General Course Description:

Course language is English. Written report and presentation must be given in English.

Working Requirements and Assessment Method 

Students have to prepare (in groups) one presentation, present them in class, and actively participate in the corresponding class discussions. The grade will be based on the final presentation and participation in class discussions (60%), as well as a written report of 20 pages summarizing presented solutions and concepts (40%). The course is eligible for 12 ECTS.

What is a Business Project?

In a business project students work on current managerial topics in close cooperation with a company representative. The goal is to apply scientific theories and methods on the issues at hand and based on this to derive concrete recommendations.

Students learn to utilize knowledge and skills gained during their studies, to manage a project, and to work in close cooperation with a company. Furthermore, presentation skills and team work are honed.

Execution of a Business Project

Each student is assigned to a group of 2-3 persons working together as a team. The groupings are disclosed during the kickoff of the seminar. It is expected, that students self-reliantly gather and analyze secondary data and studies as well as conduct empirical research (e.g. surveys, focus groups, expert interviews, …). The students have the opportunity to receive feedback from their tutor(s) as well as from a business advisor.

At the end of the editing time, students will hand in a written project report and a final presentation. The course concludes with each team presenting their research results in front of representatives of the co-operating company, tutors, and fellow students.

Before you register for the course, please ensure that you will be able to attend all of the above dates! Attendance is compulsory for all participants.

Criteria for course credits:

  • Presence at all course dates
  • Active participation in the group work
  • Handing in a project report (20 pages)
  • Holding a final presentation
  • Active participation in the discussions

Additional Information on the course

The business project course addresses students who are interested in digital marketing, branding, and product management.

In this year’s Brandstorm edition your team should slip into the shoes of the Professional Products Division (PPD). Your mission is to invent the professional salon experience of the future. Create a breakthrough innovation for professional salons to attract, engage millennials and increase hairdressers’ loyalty by leveraging new services, digital solution and connected technologies. L’Oréal’s Professional Brands portfolio is one of the most diverse out there, catering for any need the end-consumer and the applying professional may have. Note that in this market follows a B2B2C model. Therefore, creating an innovation that transforms the end-consumer’s experience in the professional salon is the core focus. For Brandstorm 2018 you may choose one particular brand from the PPD or choose the entire line of brands as a base for your unique innovation. You will be provided with real life data as reference to your work.

The learning objectives of this course include:

  • to train one’s analytical and problem-solving skills

  • to understand and apply theoretical knowledge and scientific methods to problems in business practice

  • to learn and further train project management skills

  • to develop social skills in a professional business environment