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Terms of Use

Please pay attention to the usual terms of behavior in a library.

Searching for Books

In the Kölner UniversitätsGesamtkatalog (KUG) or search within the stock of the Marketing Library. An overview of the locations of the call numbers in the library can be found here.

Reference Library

The library is a reference library. Therefore books and journals can only be read within the library and generally cannot be borrowed. Exceptions:

Short Term Borrowing / Weekend Borrowing / Overnight Borrowing

For copying short term borrowing (no longer than 1h) is allowed. Furthermore it is possible to borrow books over night or over the weekend. We restrict borrowing, to allow all students having immediate access to our books.


Short term borrowing, weekend borrowing, and overnight borrowing is only allowed with a valid ID-card with current address shown!

Late Return

In case you return a book late, a warning will be pronounced. In case of recurrence you may be temporarily banned from the library.