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Library of the Marketing Area

Dear students,

please note, that the marketing library of the Marketing Area on the fourth floor of the WISO building has been closed. You can find the complete inventory of the marketing library at the Supply Chain Management Area (WISO building/Flachtrakt/room number 0.65).


Friederike Meteling,
phone +49 221 470 4890
Wiso-Building, Flachtrakt, room 65

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday from 08:00 am - 20:00 pm

For questions concerning the library:

The library is managed by Friederike Meteling. She is happy to assist you, to answer your questions and to take your comments.


Suggestions for new books and journals:

In case there is a book that you miss in our library and that you would like to suggest, please use this form (PDF). Please hand the completed form to Friederike Meteling at the library front desk.