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Dr. Max Backhaus is the winner of the 2017 Schmalenbach Award

Dr. Max Backhaus has won the 2017 Schmalenbach Award. He was a doctoral student and research assistant at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research and graduated in 2017. He has been awarded for his doctoral thesis "Econometric Essays on Protecting, Benefiting, and Growing from Customer-based Brand Equity". In his thesis, he answers the question of whether a crisis event has a negative effect on the course of brand perception in the subsequent weeks of the crisis. In addition, Dr. Backhaus investigated by which factors the effects of a brand crisis are intensified and mitigated. He convinced the jury with his combination of current brand management issues in combination with business management concepts and, in particular, with social responsibility effects based on sophisticated statistical methodology and a unique database. The Schmalenbach Award is one of the most prestigious dissertation awards in Germany. Dr. Backhaus received the award at the 71. Deutscher Betriebswirtschafter-Tag in Düsseldorf, Germany (November 29, 2017). Please click here for the official press release.