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Selected Issues in Marketing I

Service Innovation (in Cooperation with Koelnmesse GmbH)

Lecture (14286.0002) 

Instructor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Fritze
Kick off, briefing, assignment to teams: October 18th, 2019, more details see Klips

Seminar en bloc, data selection and final presentation : Dates see Klips

A course syllabus you find here.


The examination consists of a presentation and an oral exam. Students have to work on the assigned projects, prepare a presentation on their work (in groups), present it in class, and actively participate in the class discussions. The grade will be based on the presentation and an oral examination.

Zum Bestehen der Veranstaltung muss eine Präsentation und eine mündliche Prüfung gehalten werden. Die Studierenden müssen an den zugewiesenen Projekten arbeiten, eine Präsentation ihrer Arbeit (in Gruppen) vorbereiten, diese im Unterricht präsentieren und aktiv an den Diskussionen im Unterricht teilnehmen. Die Bewertung basiert auf der Präsentation und einer mündlichen Prüfung.


Services now account for over 80% of all transactions in developed economies, but typically receive much less attention than products, especially when it comes to research and development. The nature of services has shifted dramatically in recent years. In the light of changes in technology, customer behavior, and the availability of data mastering the traditional aspects of service delivery will no longer be enough for firms in order to stay competitive. To seize opportunities, companies must put sustained effort and management attention into transforming services. 

The course exposes you to state-of-the-art research on service marketing and innovation management. Particular emphasis is placed on exploring the influence of customer value/experience on service design, delivery and evaluation.  You will be guided through background information of service marketing and research methodology. By creating a collaborative learning environment, we will explore how service marketing and innovation strategies can be applied for the betterment of business and society.  

Your role is to be an active contributor in the class. Because this course is taught as a seminar, classroom participation is vital. This seminar is not a lecture, although presentations will be made throughout the course. Generally, analysis of the readings will be used to guide our discussion. A central element of the course is your active contribution to a business research project in collaboration with Koelnmesse GmbH, an international trade fair and exhibition center located in Cologne. In order to create impactful insights for the business project you will not only be involved in study design but also the data collection, analysis, and presentation of your findings to managers.  

Find here the complete course syllabus.