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Social Marketing

Seminar (14266.0503)

          Instructor: Julia Reinhard

          Date: April, 20th, 2018
          Time: Friday 12:00pm - 15:00pm
          Room: Seminar Room 1.31 (Building 810, Universitätsstr. 91)

          Block seminar
          Date: June, 14th and 15th, 2018
          Time: Thursday 14:00pm - 18:00 pm, Friday 09:00am - 18:00pm
          Room: Seminar Room 1.31 (Building 810, Universitätsstr. 91)


The examination consists of two parts and students will work on the topics in small groups.

  • Paper presentation and discussion of seminar topic (as group of 2-3 students, June 14th and 15th 2018)
  • Seminar thesis (individually, due July 6th 2018)

Die Prüfungsleistung besteht aus zwei Teilen:

  • Präsentation des Themenpapiers und Diskussion (in Kleingruppen)
  • Seminararbeit (Einzelarbeit)


Marketing thinking can be applied to more than selling products. In today’s world, where we face serious economic damage and harmed societal well-being (e.g. due to chronic illnesses, unhealthy food consumption or environmental misconduct) social marketing becomes increasingly relevant. Social marketing aims at influencing and changing individual behavior to increase social good and collective well-being. It applies in areas such as public health and health communication, political and non-profit marketing, financial behaviors, or environmental protection and sustainability. The seminar will pay special attention to how digital transformation and technologies influence social marketing.

The specific seminar topics will be announced to all participants before the kick-off. Examples for this year's topics include:

  • Self-tracking with devices and apps
  • Healthy and responsible (food) consumption
  • Sustainable and green consumption, e.g. adoption of electric vehicles, recycling
  • Donations and charitable giving
  • Financial decision aids

Learning Objectives

This seminar has two main objectives:

First, it aims at broadening the student’s understanding of marketing by introducing various topics of social marketing that pertain not only to marketing products and services but also organizations, persons and ideas. Thereby, students can apply and deepen their existing knowledge of the marketing mix, marketing strategy or consumer behavior.

Second, students have the unique possibility to develop and train important methodological skills that are required for writing their thesis. In the seminar, they learn how to search and critically assess academic literature. They can gain experience in how to write an academic paper and discuss a scientific topic. And, they can practice presentation and communication skills.